Trailer loading

If you have problems loading your horse onto the trailer or truck you can call upon the experience and knowledge of Jossy Reynvoet. This is done step-by-step, understandable and clear to you and your horse. Jossy Reynvoet always starts with groundwork so that he gets the focus, trust, and respect of your horse. When your horse understands and agrees to his actions, he starts to explore the trailer or truck.

This again happens in a step-by-step way so that your horse finally is able to go independently and full of trust onto- and off the trailer and is able to stand still on his own. When this phase is finished you will be taught the same actions so that you too will be able to load- and offload your horse without any problems after being guided by Jossy Reynvoet. Thanks to his many years of experience Jossy Reynvoet has developed an efficient, spontaneous, easy and harmonious way for both horse and human. It is a way of working that is not against our nature, one that can be learned and handled by everyone.