The Cavesal®, our bitless bridle, was developed by Jossy Reynvoet in 2014.

It is a combination of the “cavesson” and the “bosal”.

  • You can lead your horse with it if he has learned to move forward on pressure.
  • You can ride with 1 rein below.
  • You can ride with 1 rein on top and 1 rein below.

It is an excellent bridle, made in such a way that it will not get into the eyes of the horse so that the horse feels comfortable in it. You can lunge yourself with it by riding 3/1.

In our BAR structure, we always start by using the Cavesal®. The lead rope or reins can either be attached on the rings above or underneath. If you are a bit further in your evolution and you start collecting your horse then you can switch to the Cavemore by Jossy Reynvoet. We offer the possibility to buy the shanks with the correct behind noseband so you can build a Cavemore out of your Cavesal®.

If you want to discover more about our Cavesal® or our BAR-structure, feel free to join our academy.

Available versions:

It is made in a superior quality of leather and available in colors: black/silver, black/gold, brown/silver and brown/gold.
More information can be found on our webshop.