From rope halter to cavemore

Jossy Reynvoet developed in 1995 a customized rope halter. In 2012 he developed the rope cavesson to pursue the Academic Art of Riding in a bitless way.
Since the visit of Bent Branderup in May 2011 Jossy Reynvoet started searching for a way to perform higher-level classical dressage exercises such as piaffe and levade. For this, your horse has to stretch his cervical vertebrae which makes your horse use his hindquarters more and makes your horse step further towards his point of gravity. The BAR cavemore offers a solution for this.

With his invention, he has been able to inspire Bent Branderup.

The BAR cavemore is available in a full leather design.
It is available in our webshop.


Do you know where the name “Cavemore” stems from?

“cave” is from the word cavesson

“more” is from the word hackamore