My Cavesal® developed out of passion

I developed the Cavesal® in 2014.
It is a combination of the “cavesson” and the “bosal”.
You can lead your horse with it if he has learned to move forward on pressure, ride with 1 rein, with 1 pair of reins (more in an academic way). You can longe yourself with it by riding 3/1.
It is an excellent bridle, made in such a way that it will fit your horse so he feels comfortable in it.

For the biomechanics of the horse, it is important that every individual leather piece used to assemble the cavesal fits your horse. Because of my passion, I searched for years to achieve this perfect fitting. You have so many different types of horses, different noses, different heads, different sensitivities,...

I did not want my cavesal® to disturb:
- the respiration
- the saliva glands
- the eyes
- the ears
- the neck vertebrae
- the movability of the lower jaw
- the sensitive mouth and nose hair

It is important to be aware that even a bitless bridle can cause damage to your horse if it has a less than optimal fit. Therefore it is highly important to make sure that your bridle has the correct position of the noseband.
It is not just a cavesal ®... every piece should fit.

For that reason, we introduce the “test cavesal ®” in our webshop.